Testimonials and Reviews of Attorney Mario Davila

Mario Davila is a Latino attorney with an experienced team of lawyers across several locations in Texas, including McAllen, Dallas, Austin and Houston. Together, they’ve achieved success in numerous worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. In recognition of their efforts, clients have written the following testimonials about their cases, which you can check out below.

Well, I’m very happy with the service of Attorney Mario Davila, as he’s so professional and I really liked his way of working. When I contacted him to ask for updates on my case, he always answered each and every question I asked him. He also got me more than I thought I would get.

I absolutely recommend the firm of Attorney Mario Davila due to his professionalism.

Eliazar Trejo Aguilar

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I 100% recommend the lawyer Mario Davila. Excellent service. What they won for me was a blessing, more than I expected, especially during these days of need. Thank God we’re alive after my crash and thanks to the lawyers who fought my case. Blessings to all, I’m so grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Miriam Meza

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I had the misfortune of having a car accident and immediately contacted the offices of Attorney Mario Davila. I was very satisfied with their services and recommend them.

Karina Lambarri

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My experience with Attorney Mario Davila was amazing. I had a very difficult case and got justice thanks to God and this attorney. I recommend him 100% without a doubt.

Alex Hernandez

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Simply the best lawyer in the Valley area. He’s human, very courteous and approachable. So different from other lawyers, who are unreachable. Attorney Davila truly tries to help his clients and always wants them to be satisfied with the resolution of their cases. He got me more than I ever imagined!

Thank you, Mr. Davila!

Carlos Saldana

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Very grateful to Attorney Mario Davila. He helped me in my accident case to get therapy and fair compensation, since the opposing insurer refused to pay damages. Don’t hesitate to call Mario Davila if you have an accident or mishap.

Francis Cortez

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If you’re looking for a good attorney who’s always looking out for your best interests and wants to fight for your rights, contact the Law Offices of Mario Davila. His staff is always there to answer any questions and help at any time.

Julio Cesar Garza Perales

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Excellent service. They definitely help you resolve your case! 👍 Very good experience with all their staff, very friendly.

Rony Aguilera

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Excellent, personalized service. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of fighting a legal battle. But they gave me personalized and professional assistance at all times, which made me feel at ease and above all well-advised. They got my medical care covered after fighting and winning on my behalf, because it’s unfair to have health problems due to something that’s not your fault. Highly recommend Attorney Mario Davila and his great team.

Ramon Gonzalez

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Mario Davila is an excellent lawyer! He helped me a lot with my accident and all the office staff addressed all my doubts and questions with a lot of patience. Thank you for your assistance and professionalism.

Sophia Zolezzi

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Attorney Mario Davila is one of the most standup lawyers in the Valley area. I was very satisfied with the resolution of my accident case and received excellent service.

Concepcion Yanez

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