Luis Fernando Baez

Luis Fernando Baez is a licensed attorney at the University of Texas at Austin and South Texas College of Law in Houston. From a young age, he has worked to serve Hispanic families, helping them win their legal cases and demanding justice for his clients.

His great inspiration to study law

His father worked as a construction engineer and his mother as a teacher in a rural community. Since he was a child, Attorney Baez knew how to appreciate hard-working people from humble origins. Today, he has been able to appreciate this even more in his work, helping people who have been injured in their jobs and teaching them about their legal rights and opportunities to claim compensation benefits.

This inspired him to study law and break the barrier and fear that many people have before courts and big companies. He helps his clients around the clock so that they have the confidence and knowledge necessary to win their case.


Direct and reliable dealings with clients

For Attorney Baez, it’s essential to establish a direct relationship with the clients he represents. That’s why he travels to where they’re located and talks with them and their families to learn about their goals and fears about the case. As part of Mario Davila’s law firm, he knows how important it is to form a team with everyone in order to advance and succeed in court.

His strongest aim as a lawyer is to be a bridge for his clients to obtain justice, which is why they don’t pay until the case is won.

Intelligence, empathy, and helping those who need it most. That’s the best description of Attorney Luis Fernando Baez, expert in accidents, injuries, and personal injury cases. Luis Fernando Baez has been a member of the Texas Bar Association since 2004.