Edinburg Personal Injury Lawyers

Edinburg Personal Injury Lawyers from En Caso de Accidente are always ready to fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve. If you or a loved one has been through an unfortunate driving incident that requires recovery expenses, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Our personal injury attorney in Edinburg will be prepared to take legal action on your behalf if necessary.

Many people wonder if it's better to handle a lawsuit themselves to save on legal fees. If you've had that thought, here's what you should know:

  • You won't have to pay us out of your pocket. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if you win. Besides, our fees are a percentage of your compensation, so you won't need to pay us upfront or at the end of the process.
  • Seeking compensation from insurance companies can be challenging. They'll do everything to pay as little as possible, leaving victims unprotected. Let us handle this, we’re experts at fighting them for our clients! You don't have to go through it on your own. We understand how tough this situation can be for you and your family, and we'll guide you del choque al cheque!
  • To win a lawsuit against an insurance company, it's essential to have experts in various fields, like investigators, medical professionals, or experts in construction and vehicles. They help gather the necessary evidence to build a strong, winning case that ensures justice for the victim. In our Edinburg injury law firm, we are well-prepared for this and work closely with the necessary experts.
  • What sets us apart as personal injury attorneys is that at En Caso de Accidente, we are always ready to assist all Edinburg residents. Regardless of their immigration status, if they've been a victim of an accident, they have the right to receive compensation. Period.
Edinburg Personal Injury Lawyers

Remember, you don't have to navigate the legal process on your own. We're with you every step of the way, del choque al cheque. If you or a family member face a situation like this, don’t hesitate and give us a call! Our Edinburg personal injury lawyers are prepared to help you 24/7 in Spanish. Call us now and book your free and confidential consultation today.

What Types of Accidents Do Edinburg Injury Lawyers Handle?

Our Edinburg injury lawyers are fully prepared to fight for your rights, whether in a lawsuit against insurance companies or through a settlement. We specialize in handling the following types of accidents:

We understand that if you've experienced such an accident and need recovery, or even worse if you've lost a loved one. There are no words that can make you feel better. But what we can do is fight for your case and seek justice so that in such a bitter and tough situation, you don't have to worry about the financial aspect. The best Edinburg accident attorneys are here to make sure the responsible parties pay for your injuries.

After an injury like this, you're likely to face many economic and emotional challenges. Insurance companies will want to pay you as little as possible, making your recovery process more complex. Don't worry; let us stand up for you and your loved ones to ensure that insurance companies pay what's fair, not just what they want. At En Caso de Accidente, we always put you first, no matter what.

What Are the Most Common Injuries in Edinburg Accidents?

When you're involved in significant accidents, the injuries you can suffer vary widely. Some injuries manifest instantly, while others may take time to show up. Either way, injuries from car accidents can be physically and financially costly, often lasting months or even years. If you've sustained an injury, seeking medical attention is crucial to address immediate discomfort and potential long-term issues.

If you've suffered such an injury, you have the right to file a claim against the responsible driver's insurance company. We're here to help you exercise that right in an insurance claim. Some of the most common injuries our Edinburg personal injury lawyers deal with include:

Bruising in the affected area, usually not posing a significant health risk, but a sign of blood pooling beneath the skin.

Facial injuries can vary as much as the types of accidents themselves. A hard blow to the cheekbones might lead to fractures while striking your teeth on the steering wheel during a collision can result in severe jaw or dental injuries.

Scarring in areas impacted by the accident. Multiple factors contribute to scarring, such as open wounds requiring sutures or infections during the healing process.

Facial trauma stemming from facial injuries. Scarring in this context can result in disfigurement, especially in accidents involving fire.

Back injuries are due to abrupt movements during the accident, with the most severe being spinal cord injuries, which can lead to motor function loss or difficulty in brain-to-muscle communication.

Limb loss in severe accidents causes significant injuries to arms, hands, legs, or feet. Amputation may be necessary to prevent further harm in the medium or long term.

Severe head injuries resulting from direct impact or whiplash during the collision. Head injuries are particularly serious because they can lead to brain injuries or seizures.

Fractures, either complete or partial bone breaks, often require immobilization for three to six months, affecting your work and personal life.

Wrist and hand injuries, mostly sprains, which may not be extremely severe but can cause significant inconvenience. Imagine how your work and personal life would be affected by immobilized hands due to a fracture.

If your accident forces you to pause your work and personal life, contact us at En Caso de Accidente, and a personal injury attorney in Edinburg will be ready to assist you in your case.

How Many Accidents Occur in Texas?

In Edinburg, as well as throughout the state of Texas, accidents are unfortunately a recurring statistic. Up to May 2023, Texas has reported 3,520 traffic-related deaths.

For instance, in 2021, the figures were quite similar, with 4,497 people tragically losing their lives, an increase from the 3,896 recorded in 2020. Fatal accidents are attributed to both car crashes and accidents involving heavy vehicles (like CMVs). In terms of responsibility for these tragic accidents, it's worth noting that 24.3 percent of fatal accidents were linked to driving under the influence.

Additionally, we can't overlook the danger of slip and fall accidents. Have you ever been in a store, mall, gas station, or any place where the floor is being cleaned? These establishments are legally obligated to warn people that the floor is wet and slippery, and that walking on it poses a risk. If they fail to do so, and a person falls, the establishment is legally obligated to compensate the person who fell.

In the United States, in just the year 2020, 805 workers lost their lives due to accidental falls, and 211,640 individuals suffered injuries that required time off work for recovery, resulting in a loss of income for their families.

How Many Accidents Occur in Texas?

Which Are the Most Accident-Prone Roads in Texas?

Many car accidents in Texas occur at dangerous intersections, so we urge our readers to exercise caution when driving on these roads.

Numerous sources have listed the most dangerous roads in the state of Texas, and all of them include the following list. Seven of the top twenty-five most dangerous roads in the United States run through Texas, and they are:

  • Interstate 45, runs from Dallas to Galveston, Texas, with Houston having the highest number of accidents on this highway.
  • Interstate 30, stretches from Aledo, Texas, to North Little Rock, Arkansas, with Dallas being the city with the highest number of accidents.
  • Interstate 10, spans from Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida. Nevertheless, Houston and El Paso in Texas have the highest number of car accidents along I-10.
  • Interstate 20, runs from Scroggins Draw, Texas, to Florence, South Carolina, with Dallas having the highest number of accidents.
  • Interstate 35W, extends from Hillsboro to Denton. Starting and ending in Texas, Fort Worth is the city with the most incidents.
  • Interstate 35E, also runs from Hillsboro to Denton, with Dallas being the Texas city with the highest number of recorded accidents.
  • Highway 175, going from Dallas, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida.

Why Is It Important to Have Edinburg Accident Attorneys on Your Side?

When insurance companies drag out the negotiation process, many victims are willing to settle for less than they deserve because they have urgent expenses to cover. It's a dirty game that powerful corporations are willing to play to ensure they pay the minimum.

However, our legal firm in Texas is well-versed in these tactics, so you have the best accident attorneys ready to fight for you and your rights. At En Caso de Accidente, we represent you in negotiations to ensure you receive the amount you deserve, not what they want to offer.

Here are some of the many benefits of hiring an accident attorney in Edinburg to assist you with your case:

Why Is It Important to Have Edinburg Accident Attorneys on Your Side?
  • We are objective and highly professional. Auto accidents often cause a lot of pain and emotional suffering, making it challenging to make objective decisions about your accident. We see you and your family as more than just numbers, and we guarantee that we will do everything we can to help you through this difficult time with the least financial impact possible.
  • You will receive immediate and timely medical attention. Before, during, and after your recovery, it's normal to slow down your daily life to prioritize your health. That's why a personal injury attorney will represent you in the claim against the negligent person's or the at-fault party's insurance company.
  • We provide full legal coverage. Sometimes, negligent parties can make personal injury claims turn into legal battles to prolong the process or make it tedious for you. With the support of a personal injury attorney, you'll have a much better chance of winning your compensation case because our legal coverage will handle the entire litigation process if necessary.
  • We know how to negotiate a settlement. After an accident, your mind and priorities can lead to hasty decisions. Insurance companies are aware of this and will take advantage of it. That's why you need an experienced attorney who can negotiate with the companies, always looking out for your best interests and those of your family.
  • You can make better decisions. Not all insurance companies will try to take advantage of you. In fact, sometimes the at-fault party's insurer, or even the at-fault parties themselves, acknowledge their mistake and are willing to compensate you fairly. Having our experienced personal injury attorneys on your side will help you analyze the situation and inform you about the options that best suit your needs.
  • We will fight for fair compensation for you. To achieve the best results, it's essential to contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Edinburg right after your accident to file claims on your behalf while you focus on your recovery and getting back to your normal life as quickly as possible. We take care of fighting for your compensation while you focus on your recovery.

Is There a Time Limit for Edinburg Personal Injury Legal Counsel to File My Accident Claim?

When we talk about a legal time limit, we are referring to a statute of limitations. In the state of Texas, the statute of limitations for car accident claims is the same as the one the state uses for most personal injury claims.

What Is the Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is the maximum period within which you can file a lawsuit. In Texas, for personal injury cases, it is two years from the date of the injury. In other words, it sets a time limit for someone to file a lawsuit or claim with the intent of receiving financial compensation for accidents. To answer the question above: Yes, there is a time limit to file your accident claim in Edinburg.

If, as a result of an accident, a person loses their life, a claim on behalf of that person is known as a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death claims have the same two-year limitation, with the only difference being that they don't start from the date of the accident but from the date of the person's death, which may or may not coincide with the accident date.

Once the legally prescribed time limit has passed, it's highly likely that the civil court system will refuse to hear your case, and you won't be able to seek compensation. Don't delay any longer and contact us now for swift action!

Having our Hispanic legal firm in Texas at En Caso de Accidente on your side can be a relief in your claim against the at-fault party's insurer. Remember that we are committed to fighting for you and will strive for the best compensation you can get.

Testimonials from Our Clients Are a Reflection of the Excellent Work Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Edinburg Do in Cases Like Yours

At En Caso de Accidente, we are here to serve you and your family. A clear example of our dedication to your well-being is the feedback from individuals who have entrusted us with their cases. Their testimonials speak to our commitment to fighting for their rights.

Jorge Gonzalez shares, "In mid-December 2022, my wife was involved in a car accident. We received a referral to Mario Davila Law Offices. When we reached out after the crash, they quickly provided us with assistance. They have been exceptional in managing my wife's medical appointments and other related matters. Juan Carlos Ruiz has been our main contact, guiding us through the claim process and negotiations with the insurance companies. He's been incredibly helpful and always responsive to our questions. We're still in the process and hope to conclude the case soon. Mr. Juan Carlos Ruiz is a compassionate advocate who genuinely cares about your case. Mario Davila Law Office made an excellent choice in hiring him. Thank you, everyone."

Jackie Cabrera reports, "Following my involvement in a car accident, I received a referral to the Mario Davila Law Office. I'm extremely grateful that I reached out to them because they provided invaluable assistance right from the initial phone call. They promptly offered guidance and support for my case, maintaining consistent communication and addressing all my inquiries. I am highly content with the quality of their services and wholeheartedly endorse them to others. I extend my sincere gratitude!"

Marisseth Dueñas expresses, "Outstanding assistance! Mauricio has provided significant support during my entire physical therapy process, and the legal firm has been a great help to my family and me. I have full confidence that they will continue to support me until the conclusion of our case. The communication with Mauricio regarding appointments and the case is exceptional! I'm grateful for all the support from Mario Davila Law Firm!"

Heather Ramirez shares, "This is an excellent choice if you're seeking a skilled attorney. They put in the effort, even when no one else was willing to take on my case. Mr. Davila stepped in and diligently pursued the best settlement for my slip and fall case. The team is highly professional and genuinely pleasant. I wholeheartedly endorse the Law Office of Mario Davila; they not only won my case, but I also received my compensation check. I'm delighted, and I extend my thanks to Mario Davila."

Our Edinburg personal injury lawyers from En Caso de Accidente are ready and willing to stand up for you and your rights, no matter who we have to face!

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We understand that a car accident can have lasting effects that impact every area of your life, from your health to your finances. Recovering from a serious accident can be one of the most challenging things you'll go through, and dealing with auto insurance companies can be quite daunting.

Do not discuss a settlement with the insurance company or provide a statement. There's no need for you to do that. Let us fight for fair compensation on your behalf. At En Caso de Accidente, there will be someone for you 24/7 and ready to serve you in Spanish.

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