Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez was born in Brownsville, Texas, though his family is originally from Mexico. From a young age, he was attracted to the world of research, something he discovered while in high school in Brownsville. There they had a program involving criminal justice groups and he participated in a research contest that he won in 1991.

His first foray into the world of accidents

For some years, he worked as a supervisor of traffic accidents. With this job, he helped people involved in traffic mishaps every day.

Carlos realized his interest in law, so he decided to study at Universidad Valle del Bravo’s Law School, where he graduated with a degree in law in 2001.

Upon completion of his studies, Carlos partnered with a professor and opened a firm dealing with commercial law matters in Mexico. Later he decided to return to McAllen, Texas. Between 2003 and 2004, he began working with U.S. law firms that contacted him to assist in investigations of car accidents occurring in Mexico, involving U.S. resident or citizen drivers. These roadway incidents occurred primarily because of defective car components.


Work experience in Mexico and the United States

As a law professional, Carlos was dedicated to doing legal work in Mexico so that lawsuits could later be filed in the United States. This got him 100% involved in accident cases and with it, he helped thousands of people receive their compensation.

Through one of the investigation cases he had with a U.S. firm regarding an incident in Mexico, Carlos met personal injury attorney Mario Davila. From this moment, they began to collaborate. In 2008, he joined Mario Davila Law Firm as an attorney of counsel, and then became the firm’s Director of Negotiations.

Carlos became a member of the U.S. – Mexico Bar Association, a credential that supports his professional qualifications in the field of accident investigations and resolutions. In addition, within his professional experience as an attorney, he has been an advisor to Mexico’s Senate of the Republic. Carlos has spent many years in the field of accident investigation and negotiations with insurance companies to protect the interests of Mario Davila Law Firm’s clients. He describes it as “a law firm that fights with passion, experience and uses all necessary means to get the client the best outcome.”


Member of the U.S. - Mexico Bar Association