California Personal Injury Lawyers

California Personal Injury Lawyers will stand by you and your family del choque al cheque. If you've experienced a car incident due to another driver's negligence, you deserve compensation, and our Hispanic legal firm in California is here to help you get it.

People facing injuries from accidents often need to pause their lives to fully recover, impacting their work, finances and family. That's why at our En Caso de Accidente law firm, we fight for your compensation, allowing you to recover with financial peace of mind.

Our legal services extend throughout the state of California, serving our Comunidad Latina in the United States. At En Caso de Accidente, our legal specialists speak Spanish, ensuring effective communication with our clients without the need for a translator. If you’ve faced an accident, call us now and book your free and confidential initial consultation.

What to Do in Case of a Road Incident?

No one plans to have an accident. However, it's advisable to be prepared in case such incidents occur. It's essential to keep certain information in mind for situations like these. For example:

  • Stay calm and call 911. We understand that such a situation is stressful, but your health and well-being come first. Let professional medical personnel attend to you and all parties involved. Injuries may be present even if not immediately apparent, and paramedics can address them to prevent further complications.
  • Document everything you can. Any photos of the accident that demonstrate road conditions, weather conditions, or the impact on the vehicles will significantly support your case in presenting the facts.
  • Keep all receipts or important documents from the accident. Medical receipts, police reports, and insurance company reports can be valuable for your case. Any evidence related to the crash you experienced will be useful in building your case.
  • Report the accident to the insurance company. By doing this, you are informing the insurance company that the accident occurred and providing details to both yourself and the other drivers involved.
  • Contact us! As personal injury attorneys, our work starts here. Call us to schedule a free consultation, where we will analyze your case and guide you on the best path to file your claim seeking compensation.
  • We strongly recommend you read the policy thoroughly to understand the coverage and fully grasp the benefits your insurance company offers before getting insurance. It's crucial to be clear about what your policy includes. If you don't understand, ask an agent from the company to explain it thoroughly.
  • Keep emergency and crash report contact numbers from your insurance company handy. It's better to have emergency contact numbers and not need them than not to have them and need to search for them hastily.
  • Understand the claims process of your insurance company thoroughly. Make sure you comprehend it well to know what to do with your company if you need to make a claim. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What Not to Do?

On the other hand, some things we recommend not doing to avoid further conflict and problems in case of a road accident are:

  • Avoid arguing about fault with other drivers or passengers. It's unnecessary and can be draining. Besides, it won’t help the compensation process.
  • Refrain from providing statements to insurance company representatives. They will try to extract information that they can use against you. Even phrases like "I'm okay" can be used against you to avoid paying your compensation. Do not make any statements to them.
  • Do not promise to pay for damages or accept fault for the accident. Let the specialized attorneys handle the negotiations, and don't exhaust yourself or accept blame that isn't yours.
Algunas cosas que te recomendamos hacer para estar preparado en caso de sufrir un choque

What Benefits Can You Get in the Compensation That Personal Injury Lawyers in California Will Fight for You?

When a person experiences an accident, it's normal for their life to be impacted by injuries, damages, or unexpected medical expenses. At En Caso de Accidente, we are ready to fight for compensation that can bring various benefits, depending on the damages you have suffered.

When it comes to categorizing the damages caused by an accident, there are mostly two types of damages: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

These types of damages encompass all those that can be measured in monetary amounts. For example:

  • Medical expenses, covering everything you paid from the moment of the accident. This can include ambulance transportation, surgeries, medical check-ups, and complete rehabilitation. It's important to keep your medical receipts so that this benefit can reach you in your compensation.
  • Lost wages for all the time you were inactive at your job. This includes the days, weeks, or even months you had to be absent due to your injuries or the recovery process.
  • In the unfortunate event that the victim loses their life, benefits covering funeral expenses are designed to provide economic relief to the family. Also, family members who depended financially on the victim may receive pension schemes.

Non-economic Damages

On the other hand, non-economic damages aim to compensate for all those harms that cannot be measured in economic terms. One of the most common types of damage is pain and suffering. This is a legal term that covers the emotional and psychological damages suffered by the victim, such as depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety crises, or panic attacks.

Every case is different, and compensation may include various benefits. That's why it's crucial to reach out as soon as possible to personal injury attorneys. We will be able to analyze your case on a personalized basis to determine what benefits you may be entitled to in your compensation.

What Will California Accident Lawyers Help You Out With?

California accident lawyers from En Caso de Accidente specialize in auto and truck accidents. We are knowledgeable about the laws and know how to file claims and fight for the compensation you deserve, regardless of your immigration status. Some ways in which we can assist you when taking on your case include:

  • We will thoroughly investigate your case to gather evidence of all crucial details of the accident. When building your case, we include all favorable evidence to initiate the claims process and negotiate the best deal for you with insurance companies.
  • We calculate all the damages you suffered and how it translates into medical costs from the moment of the accident until you fully recover. This way, we can accurately determine the amount to request as a medical expense benefit.
  • We negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies. We are familiar with all the tactics they may use to avoid paying you or attempting to pay less than what is rightfully owed. We won't allow it. Our job is to fight for justice in your case. Additionally, if an agreement cannot be reached, and it needs to go to trial, we will represent you in court.

How Expensive Is the Full Service of California Catastrophic Injury Lawyers?

At En Caso de Accidente, you will have the assistance of California catastrophic injury lawyers without having to pay out of your pocket. This is because our professional team operates on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we don't win your case, you won't pay us.

In addition, we will only charge a small percentage of the compensation we have won for you and your family. This way, we ensure that you don't have to directly pay us from your pocket and put your family finances at ease. You don’t have to worry about money, not with us.

How Expensive Is the Full Service of California Catastrophic Injury Lawyers?

Contact the Best Injury Attorneys in California Now!

Did you know that there's a time limit for filing a claim for injury accidents? This is governed by the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations varies from state to state and depends on the type of accident to establish a time limit. For example, in the state of California, victims of car accidents will have a two-year window from the date of the accident to file their claim. That's why it's crucial to reach out to an experienced attorney soon, as they will take action before the deadline expires.

California personal injury lawyers are ready to help you receive your compensation at En Caso de Accidente. With over 20 years of experience winning cases like yours, there's an expert attorney in California ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you seek compensation, call us now and book your free and confidential consultation.