Mario Davila

A lawyer who fights for “La Raza”

Attorney Mario Davila is originally from Texas, where he grew up and attended college.

In 2000, while in law school, he began working to gain experience as an accident lawyer.

A lawyer who works to win his clients’ cases

As a highly-skilled and talented professional, Mario has been hired at three of the most prestigious law firms in Texas, where he stood out for his outstanding results.

Once he obtained his professional law degree in Texas, he opened his own law firm in 2004. Mario chose Rio Grande Valley to start his independent career as an accident attorney.

Mario began representing Hispanic clients, injured or ill, due to accidents such as crashes, slips and falls, and more.

His professional history has been built day by day with hard work, dedication, and effort. Mario has led more than 10,000 clients to victory, receiving their compensation checks, as well as other benefits.

Witnessing the needs of the Hispanic community across Texas, Mario decided to extend his professional services. This how the Law Offices of Mario Davila opened their doors in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

Every case they represent at the Law Offices of Mario Davila is a new opportunity to work for people who suffer automobile accidents, public transportation accidents, commercial 18-wheeler accidents, falls or slips that cause injury or illness.

For Mario and his team, fighting for justice and compensation for their clients is the driving force behind their daily work.