Mario Dávila

Born in Texas, Mario Davila grew up connected to his Hispanic roots, something he’s very proud of. This bond has distinguished him as an attorney who defends his community.

His desire to help the Hispanic community

From a young age, Mario was attracted to the arts, inspired by the creative process and the making of audiovisual media through which he liked to tell stories. Years later, this would lead him to major in Communication at the University of Texas.

During his career as a communications student, he had the opportunity to work at an early age for major television networks such as Fox News, Telemundo and Univision. This experience allowed him to cover sports, entertainment, politics and feature stories, as well as meet important personalities from the world of music and sports, among others.

As part of the news crew, he covered car accidents on the state’s streets and highways, something that gave him firsthand experience in the pain and suffering of many injured people – or deceased loved ones – who were left in limbo, unprotected.

These tragic scenes were etched in his memory and compelled him to enroll in law school at St. Mary’s University. From the start, Mario had a clear objective in mind: to study in order to help his people get justice and closure after such an unfortunate situation as an accident.

The start of a successful career as a personal injury attorney

With this in mind, Mario began working to gain experience as a litigator in accident cases while studying law in 2000. He was hired by three of the most recognized law firms in Texas, where he excelled with his litigation skills and passion.

After obtaining his law degree in Texas in 2004, he embarked on a new professional adventure, opening his own law firm. To do this, he moved to Rio Grande Valley, the place where he chose to start his independent venture as a personal injury attorney.

With a lot of drive, talent, knowledge and experience, but above all passion and desire to help, Mario began representing Hispanics who were injured or ill as a result of a personal injury incident, such as car accidents, slips and falls, and more.

His trajectory as a professional lawyer has been shaped daily by hard work and dedication to help thousands of people get the compensation they deserve by law.

Mario has led more than 10 thousand clients to victory. They have received their compensation checks, as well as other benefits to help them live better and get peace of mind.

After witnessing the needs of the Hispanic community throughout Texas, Mario has decided to expand his professional services as a personal injury attorney to more cities, so he can help more of his people, or “la raza” as Mario affectionately refers to the Hispanic community.

For this reason, the Mario Davila Law Firm offices are opening doors in more cities within the state of Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. All are staffed with excellent lawyers for accident cases led by the founder, Mario Davila.

With the opening of new offices, the opportunity to help more Hispanics has grown.

Mario took on the task of integrating a great team of lawyers that will help him at different offices, so that he can continue providing high-quality legal services.

Expanding the Mario Davila Law Firm offices

More ways supporting and empowering Hispanics

As a professional, Mario has obtained enormous satisfaction throughout his career. As a Hispanic, he knows what the people of his community experience every day. Following his instinct to help, he has hosted a traditional Thanksgiving meal known as “The Mario Davila Law Firm Thanksgiving Lunch” for more than 10 years.

At this free event, which brings together about 1,500 people, guests can enjoy food and drinks, as well as a show with musicians, comedians and fighters, so that they have a good time.

In addition to this annual lunch initiative, Mario has become a promoter of boxing and wrestling to support the healthy development of young members of the Hispanic community.

Coupled with his love of the arts, this has allowed him to do his part to make life better for Hispanic families living in the state of Texas.

Mario Davila’s nearly 20 years of experience in the accident field of law has gained him recognition as a successful attorney who understands and knows what Hispanics are going through when they experience an accident. He recognizes that they need someone who really cares representing them.

Feeling understood and knowing that someone is defending them and protecting their rights, is the sentiment that Mario Davila conveys to his clients. His warm and sincere treatment immediately allows him to gain the trust of those who decide to choose him as their personal injury attorney.

Each case the Mario Davila Law Firm represents is a new opportunity for its founder to work on behalf of people who suffer from incidents involving cars, public transportation, commercial 18-wheelers and slips and falls. These accidents cause them to become injured or ill, deteriorating their health.

For Mario, his clients’ well-being is his priority, fighting for justice is his motivation and the compensation he achieves for them is his great satisfaction.

Thus, the key to Mario Davila’s success isn’t just based on his experience and knowledge of the law, but also on his immense human quality and empathy with people who have accidents and come to him for help. As he says himself: “I truly belong to my people, and my work is by and for Hispanics.”

A lawyer who understands his community